Informations for employers

What if businesses were more accessible to people with communication disabilities?

How can I make my business accessible?

Note: Currently, the ACCES seal is only available for counter-service restaurants.

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1) Educate your staff about aphasia and communication strategies that can help customers living with a communication disability.

  • To receive the ACCES seal, you must certify that the vast majority of your customer service employees have completed ACCES training.
  • ACCES training is FREE and available ONLINE. It lasts approximately 30 minutes and can be done at whatever time suits you best. The training course is designed specifically for commercial employees.

2) Adapt your place of business to create an environment that is as accessible as possible for people with communication difficulties.

  • To receive the ACCES seal, you must have implemented the vast majority of relevant environmental accommodations.

The accommodation recommendation grid that applies to your business must be completed and attached to your application

Free support is available on request.

Businesses that successfully complete the process will receive the ACCES seal in the form of a sticker that can be displayed on the door of their business.

Increasingly, people are looking at company values as well as the products they offer. Taking part in this project is an excellent way to promote your values of SOCIAL COMMITMENT, RESPECT, and INNOVATION!