Accessible commercial communication for Equitable services

What if businesses were more accessible to people with communication disabilities?


Many people live with communication difficulties every day. While not widely known, aphasia alone affects around 6,000 people a year in Quebec. 

Today, businesses in Quebec are generally accessible to people with physical disabilities. However, people living with communication difficulties often face significant challenges when visiting a place of business.

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Testimony of Ms. Josée Boudreault and Mr. Louis-Philippe Rivard

What is ACCES ?

The ACCES project was established to help BUSINESSES that want to offer more ACCESSIBLE SERVICES to people facing COMMUNICATION DIFFICULTIES. 

Counter-service restaurants were specifically targeted for the first phase of the project. Currently, only businesses of this type can receive the ACCES seal.

In the near future, we aim to expand this project to include other types of businesses (e.g., banks, pharmacies, retail outlets, etc.). Stay tuned!

*Much of the information can be applied to other types of businesses.

Because social inclusion is everyone’s business!

ACCES Ambassador

Thanks to Chez Boulay – Comptoir boréal for agreeing to act as an ACCES ambassador.

ACCESsible businesses

The following businesses have received their ACCES seal :

  • Chez Boulay – Comptoir Boréal: 42, Côte du Palais, Québec
  • Tambour Café: café sur la route, Lévis
  • Bar laitier Chouinard: 127, Avenue de Gaspé O., Saint-Jean-Port-Joli
  • H8S Bar à café: 2130, Boulevard Saint-Joseph, Lachine
  • La boîte à lunch surprise: 650, 3ème Avenue, Val d’Or

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