Information for people with aphasia or their loved ones

What if businesses were more accessible to people with communication disabilities?

Are you or one of your loved ones living with aphasia?

Businesses with the ACCES seal are committed to making their services more accessible to you!

  • Their employees are familiar with aphasia and the strategies that can help you communicate.
  • The business environment has been redesigned to minimize communication barriers.

Look for the logo on the doors of your favourite businesses!

ACCESsible businesses

The following businesses have received their ACCES seal :

  • Chez Boulay – Comptoir Boréal: 42, Côte du Palais, Québec
  • Tambour Café: café sur la route, Lévis
  • Bar laitier Chouinard: 127, Avenue de Gaspé O., Saint-Jean-Port-Joli
  • H8S Bar à café: 2130, Boulevard Saint-Joseph, Lachine
  • La boîte à lunch surprise: 650, 3ème Avenue, Val d’Or